Our inflatable ferry boat can be used to carry people, animals, various items of freight and even vehicles.

Operating and landing the ferry boat is easy. It can be inflated or deflated in a few minutes and is extremely practical to use. When folded it takes up very little space and can be stowed in the boot of a large car.

The ferry boat can be made in a variety of sizes according to the customer’s needs. A 4-m-long boat weighs 80 kg, a 6-m-long boat 100 kg and an 8-m-long boat approx. 300 kg.

The size of the ramp can be adapted to the purpose of use, of which there are several: you could use it to carry a group of people, divers or a rescue team, for example. As a rescue boat, it can be used in heavy weather as its form makes it tough and very stable.